Women and weights

Unfortunately the fitness scene is heavily being destroyed by companies that’s in for the quick cash, celebs that do crash diets and then promote their workout DVD saying “hey this is the workout I did to look good”,ladies going gym NOT to workout… But to take selfies to say “I’m working out doing squats” and men training their egos instead of bodies…

For yearsssss, magazines and gurus have been lying to you telling you that doing weights will make you look like a man #LetThatBreathe4ASec !
Telling you in order for you to achieve your fitness physique you must do cardio and light weights with loads of reps. So nowadays I see women with 3kg dumbbells doing 20-30reps of bicep curls as magazines and “fitness gurus” has suggested that this is the method to approach. But what you might not know that you will now is…

Women with great fitness rely primarily on weight training to look the way they do!

Most women working hard in the gym seek to have sexy toned arms, slim defined legs, flat stomach and a nice shaped butt.
And I’ve never seen a woman achieve this spending hours doing cardio. #LetThatBreathe4ASec

Women don’t build muscle like guys do. And that’s simply because women don’t have nowhere as enough testosterone as a man does and testosterone is the primary driving force behind muscle growth.

I can already hear most women saying lifting weights is gonna make me bulky lol

And this is why many women look “skinny fat” this is when someone who appears thin in size, but their body is mostly fat and has very little muscle.

When dieting to lose weight training heavy is VITAL! This is how you’re going to preserve your muscle, you’re going to force your body to maintain its muscle by continuing to overload it.

It’s very difficult for a woman to ever reach the point of looking bulky; unless you take illegal substances.

The hormone that most directly regulates muscle growth is testosterone, and an average woman’s testosterone levels are a mere 5–10% of an average man’s. So with that bring said, you ain’t got to worry about nothing.

What’s your opinion? Have you managed to achieve your dream physique with or without weights? Let me know your experiences and success

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