7 things you could be doing wrong with your meal plan

Before I start let me kindly introduce myself. My name is Hendrick and I’m known for my athletic ability, physique and for inspiring people in many ways (not just fitness). I’ve decided to write blogs as the general public really do get confused with what’s wrong, right, best to avoid and best to do with regards to fitness.

I’d like to share my thoughts and I’m very thankful for you taking time out to read.

This article may not be for you if the first thing you are looking for is an ultimate diet that will give you “the answer”. A diet that says do this and eat this x amount of times a day to get the abs you want. The first thing needed to be address with any meal plan is MINDSET!
See, you can’t force a donkey to drink the water, BUT YOU CAN CHANGE ITS MINDSET TO MAKE IT NEED IT #LetThatBreathe4ASec.


  • 1. Most people watch what they eat Monday to Friday, then pig out (eat carelessly) Saturday and Sunday.
  • 2. Most people live on sugar and processed food.
  • 3. People assume if they eat that cake or pizza, they’ll be able to burn it off by spending another 5 odd mins on the treadmill.
  • 4. Some people copy their friends meal plan given to them by their personal trainer.
  • 5. Following advice from a celeb who told you they achieved what they did via these “magical diets”
  • 6. Eating healthy is good but please don’t forget that eating too much of these good food can still allow you to put on weight.
  • 7. Alcohol is a destroyer! Usually consumed at night and loaded with empty calories (and fizzy drinks), it turns to fat almost instantly.
  • We have a food industry that misleads us with its marketing. Nowadays, it’s becoming harder to say what’s good or bad for your body. Low fat food ain’t always great and the same goes with low calorie food, but the way it’s marketed allows us to assume that this is the approach needed to obtain the body we seek.

    But the biggest diet mistakes start and end with sugar. So much of it is lurking in everything we consume and we eat too much of it. Consuming so much sugar can undo a well constructed meal plan.
    Protein bars are some of the worse food on market. They may be portrayed as a healthy snack but the ingredients list a lot of things that can shock you.
    Protein shakes are good, nothing wrong with them, provide a good source of protein and are also convenient.
    But it all starts to get all wrong once you start adding so many scoops of peanut butter, syrup, 101 different fruits, juices and now your small smoothie/protein shake is more than 1,500 calories and 100 grams of sugar. Once you know how to avoid sugar eating right becomes much easier towards the right options.
    Building a plan that works is about putting yourself in control over what you eat and put into your body and not making the plan so unrealistic that you go insane! The plan is about mental toughness but it’s also about enjoyment and direct benefit of how much you’ll get out of it.
    I’ve never touched steroids, HGH(Human Growth Hormone) and other performance enhance drugs and yet I continue to grow each year. How? Because I eat and train in a way that promotes hormone production. Healthy fats such as grass fed red meat, butter, olive oil,coconut oil, avocados, nuts and seed promote the production of testosterone. Especially when combined with strength training.


    Meal 1 : 8 boiled eggs , broccoli and steak and cashew nuts
    Meal 2: (post workout shake and or bar)
    Meal 3: Turkey, sweet potato, kale and green beans
    Meal 4: (post workout shake) chicken, rice, spinach and peppers Meal 5: salmon, rice, spinach and broccoli

    In order to look lean and muscular, you have to follow a good diet! You have to be consistent, and you can’t make excuses! But if a plan isn’t flexible, odds are you won’t be able to stay on it for the long run. And since consistency is the foundation of success, you need a plan that you can adjust. If you’re on target everyday for every meal it makes it much easier to provide yourself with leeway to enjoy one meal every week without any restrictions.

    Your shopping list SHOULD look roughly like this:

    Skinless chicken breast
    White fish
    Peanut butter (neutral)
    Goat cheese
    Sweet potato
    Squash spaghetti
    Nuts: peanuts, walnuts, almonds
    Dried fruits: apricots, figs, prunes

    The 7 simple diet rules I follow

    Rule 1: always have three big meals per day
    Rule 2: protein and more protein
    Rule 3: no more alcohol/ no more sugar
    Rule 4: veg at every meal
    Rule 5: don’t avoid food that include saturated fat such as fish, beef, pork and eggs.
    Rule 6: drink water throughout the day
    Rule 7: limit carbs to natural sources such as sweet potatoes

    Your thoughts

    How do you prepare yourself for diets/healthy eating and do you find it hard sticking to your meal plan?
    Let us know your thoughts.

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