Who is Hendrick Famutimi?


I am a 2x British U93KG Powerlifting Champion, IPF World Deadlift Gold Medalist, Ex- American Football Player & Sprinter now doing EVERYTHING. I believe in striving to achieve great possibilities within the impossible. Today sports and fitness is the template for my life and business. I believe they are the heartbeat to recovery, healing, self-worth and it is my mission to share my skills and motivating attitude with as many people as possible.


I carefully observe and listen to what clients want to achieve. I understand what it means to my clients to strive for the best results. Together as a team we will constantly push to the upper limits. I won’t just be your trainer, but a professional friend who will always have your best interests at heart. My goal isn’t to please my clients…my goal is to AMAZE them! And what amazes my clients isn’t the result but the COURAGE TO START!!

Why Personal Training?

Research highlights the benefits physical exercise has on your health, appearance and confidence! Getting a Personal Trainer makes the process of improving your fitness a convenient and enjoyable one. Whatever your age or current level of fitness, any ability can be catered for. HF Personal Training can provide a customised service where your fitness training program is designed specifically for YOU, to enable you to reach your goals safely and effectively.

Would you like to workout for a particular event such as LIFE? Or are you an athlete training for a competition? Or maybe you would like to get that beach body for the summer holiday? Or do you need motivation to lose weight?

Whatever your goal big or small, whatever your fitness aspirations or experience, when it comes to exercising HF Personal Training can help HF Personal Training can also help with a new eating plan, or some advice on what you should eat to replace those unhealthy mid-morning snacks. As you embrace a healthier lifestyle you will notice all sorts of improvements in how you look and feel, which is why personal training is such a positive choice.

No matter what your target/goal; whether it’s increasing muscle, increasing cardiovascular fitness, or just to stay in shape, Hendrick can help you get the results you seek – it will only take a few sessions before you’re excited and thrilled at how much better you can feel both physically and mentally.